Canvas Wall Art

Lots of glitter, but lots of fun

Do you have a bare wall or a spot in your home or office that is just scream for a piece of art? Here is a DIY fun glitter project that you will enjoy, and have your own piece of art to fill that spot. Simple and easy for even those that would not consider themselves artistically inclined.


  • 1 Can spray adhesive
  • 1.5″ Roll of apinterstape
  • 1 Blank canvas (the one pictured is 20″ x 24″)
  • Lots of glitter – Probably 30-40 ounces (this project will take quite a bit and will vary depending on your canvas size)
  • 1 Can of glitter sealand spray


Step 1: Start by using a piece of cardboard to create a stencil for the chevron pattern. Hold the stencil in place as you use the painters tape to mark off where the stripes will be. You may want to have someone help you either hold the stencil or use the tape.

Glitter art - chevron stencil Glitter art canvas taped

Step 2: Spray adhesive on the canvas and sprinkle with glitter. Be generous. Try to work one section at a time so that your spray adhesive doesn’t dry.

Glitter art - spray adhesive and glitter added

Step 3: Let the canvas dry for about 5-10 minutes. Then turn the canvas upside down to release any loose glitter particles, and slowly and carefully remove the tape.

Glitter art removing painters tape

Step 4: Once you have removed the tape, carefully brush off any loose glitter that has fallen into the taped area. Then spray the entire canvas with a coat of sealant.

Glitter art spraying glitter sealant

The sealant will take about 20 minutes to dry, but it may be beneficial to wait at least a few hours before hanging it up. Be creative an try some of your own patterns.

Glitter art finished canvasGlitter canvas on a wall

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