DIY Glitter Frames

Add some sparkles to your frames

Whether you want to jazz up a new frame or bring in some new life into an old frame this DIY is for you. It’s quick and easy. It can make a great gift for webbings, bridal showers, or maybe just to sit on your dresser or coffee table.


  • 1 Picture frame
  • 1 Can of spray adhesive
  • Glitter


Step 1: Remove the back and the glass from the frame

Step 2: Spray the picture frame with spray adhesive

Step 3: Pour glitter onto the frame.

Step 4: Leave frame to dry for at least 20 minutes. Then turn over to release any loose glitter.

That’s it. Now your frame is ready to put back together and add your photo.


You may want to spray your frame with a glitter sealant before you reassemble it.

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