Primal Glitter


Primal Glitter

If you are looking for great glitter to add some sparkle to your DIY craft projects check out our Primal Glitter. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from.  We also have options for fine, chunky, and mixed flakes. Check out our custom glitter mixes to give your project that little something extra.

Glitter is great to add that extra sparkle to your craft projects and darn it, it is just pretty to look at.

What makes PRIMAL GRAPHIX different from others?
• UV resistant
• Solvent resistant
• Sparkle that cant be beat, keeps it shine under epoxies.
• Composed of high-quality polyester
• Able to withstand higher temperatures and sunlight
• Stays flatter than craft glitter on any project
• You get great coverage for a small amount compared to craft glitter

***This is Polyester glitter! 

Please remember- Glitter is not for using on your skin! 

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