Green Mystery Pack 4 NEWBIES or just unsure


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If you’ve never ordered or just don’t know what you’re wanting to try out here is a fun way of making that decision. You let us make it for you! You will get 3(three) 2 oz shakers of extra fine and 1 (one) 2 oz shaker of a chunky, plus 1/2 oz bag of a shape.

The are NOT new glitters. These are glitters we already have available on the site. 

THIS IS ADMINS CHOICE! If you’re wanting a specific color please message before purchase.

Glitter comes in 2 oz shakers and shapes come in apx. 1/2 oz  bags.

If you order multiple mystery packs at one time, we will assure you don’t get the same colors. However, if you order more than one at separate times, we can NOT guarantee you that you wont end up with the same color. Unless you message us prior to order we will have no way of knowing. 

Weight 11 oz