May’s Red Mystery Pack 5 NEW colors



Cosmetic Grade Glitter!!! Holds sparkle under epoxy. Can be used in cosmetics as well as crafts. Each box includes 5 extra fine glitters. (see group for sneak peak) Each box will receive a ticket. Hold on to this ticket for a free gift. We will do a live and announce what the prize is. only ONE winner and ONE prize.

These boxes will start shipping out on May 5th. Even if you receive a shipping notification before then, they wont go out until the first weekend of May.

The first 50 boxes will receive and extra gift and double tickets for a chance to win ONE big prize.

You will get the option of bags or shakers.



What makes PRIMAL GLITTER different from others?

• UV resistant
• Solvent resistant
• Sparkle that cant be beat, keeps it shine under epoxies.
• Composed of high-quality polyester
• Able to withstand higher temperatures and sunlight
• Stays flatter than craft glitter on any project
• you get great coverage for a small amount compared to craft glitter

Weight 13.5 oz

2 ounce bag, 2 oz Shakers